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      Guangzhou VIVID Print Material Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005, is located in " the hometown of litchi"- Zengcheng industrial zone in Guangzhou Guangdong Province. It Mainly engaged in digital printing ink, special digital printing ink technology research and development, is R & D, production, marketing and service as one of professional digital inkjet printing new materials science and technology company. Since 2008 the company started the research and development of color toner project, was put into production in 2010, now existing two annual output of 200 tons color toner production equipment. Existing plant area of 12000 square meters, the second plant of 25000 square meters in construction; the company has been serving the print material industry, focusing on investment in scientific research, has established a cooperative relationship with many domestic universities and research institutions, and establish a cooperation Laboratory with South China University.

      Color laser toner mainly applies to: HP, Samsung, Brother, Xerox and other models, the follow-up are constantly developed color toner for Kyocera, Ricoh, OKI and Dell models. The product quality is the fundamental business, the company put a lot of emphasis on product development but also in product testing equipment to ensure the stability and consistency of each batch of products; each product are long-term aging tests and environmental tests to ensure a variety of long-term storage of the physical and chemical parameters in the environment and climate change; the consumer side can long-term use and no worries.
      All products imported environmental protection raw material production to ensure product quality and environmental requirements; use of physical methods of production, to minimize pollution of the environment, especially water pollution is almost zero. The company continuously improving production process optimization agency, the physical production of the color toner is almost comparable to the OEM toner, after a period of market-proven, the majority of users praise.