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      Water Base Dye Ink For Mutoh(1000ML)
      Model: Compatible for Mutoh Printer
      Brands: VIVID
      Color: C M Y K LC LM
      Category: Mutoh Dye Ink
      Specification: 1000ml/Bottle
      Weight: 23KG/CARTON
      | Product Description

      Piezo Ink for Mutoh is using high-quality imported raw materials, not clogging the print head, suitable for continue printing.

      High or low of ink cartridges of Piezo Ink for Mutoh-K, as well as changes in the way of increase in the number of holes will allow high-speed printing ink off the machine appears, we will adjust the ink invasive to adapt to this change. The good infiltration will let the ink in a jet after the end of the next injection before the blink of an eye, the ink even in the flat surface of the nozzle, so that each nozzle are not out of ink and air spray. We will follow the ink adjusted to adapt to these changes.