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      Eco Solvent Ink For Epson Print Head(1000ml)
      Model: Compatible for Epson Print Head
      Brands: VIVID
      Color: C M Y K
      Category: Mutoh???ī?
      Specification: 1000ml/Bottle
      Weight: 23KG/CARTON
      | Product Description



      Eco-Solvent Ink
      1. Factory direct supply.
      2. Perfect adhesion &Odorless, Non-HAPS.
      3. High quality with competitive price.




      Products Identification

      Eco-solvent based Ink



      Use of Product

      Inkjet Printing



      Printhead Compatibility

      Epson DX4, DX5, DX7 printheads




      Cyan Magenta Yellow Black







      Compatible Printers




      JV3, JV33, JV34, CJV, JV5


      Soljet Pro III XJ-740, XJ-640, XC-540, XC-540W
      Soljet Pro IIV SJ-1045S, SJ-745EX, SJ-645EX
      VersaArt RS-640, RS-540, RE-640
      VersaCAMM VP-540i, VP-300i, SP540V, SP300V


      RockHopper II, ValueJet series


      GS6000 S30/50/70680


      EPSON DX4/5/7 Printers





      Product Description






      Perfect adhesion &Odorless, Non-HAPS environment friendly

      Wide color gamut, vivid color, high climate-resistant.

      Non-clogged of printhead long life

      Excellent UV and scratch resistance

      Up to 2-years outdoor life

      Printing on PVC,Vinyl,Car sticker,Wallpaper,Coated paper,Leather,Outdoor

      advertising,Frontlit ,Backlit,Polyester,Window film ,Mesh ,Backlit film ,Blue back paper,ect roll to roll materials.


      Cautions and User Guide





      Avoid contacting with skin,eyes and clothing. Do not ingest or inhale,After use,wash hands with soap and water.


      Store in cool and dry place, avoid freezing, and keep away from direct sunlight.


      Don't mix with other kind of ink when use,when use the first time,please full clear the print head and ink pipeline in the printer.


      • Open the ink cartridge just before installing it in the machine. Be sure to thoroughly consume the ink in the ink cartridge,  once it is opened, within three months. If an extended period of time has passed away after opening the cartridge tank, printing quality would be poor.

      • If you get ink in your eyes, immediately wash your eyes with a lot of clean water for at least 15 minutes. In doing so, also wash eyes to rinse ink away completely. Then, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

      • If anyone drinks ink by mistake, keep him or her quiet and see a doctor immediately. Do not allow him or her to swallow the vomit. After that, contact the Poison Control Center.

      • If you inhale a lot of vapor and feel bad, immediately move to a location of fresh air and
      then keep yourself warm and quiet. Then, consult a doctor as soon as possible.




      We produce different kinds of ink for EPSON/MIMAKI/MUTOH/ROLAND/CANON/HP/ENCAD NOVAJET printers.our main products are : Sublimation ink/Eco-solvent ink/LED UV ink/Latex ink/Water base dye ink/Flatbed oil ink/Desktop printers ink /Cleaning solution/Wetter solution and so on.


      It's our honor to cooperate with the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee.we supply sublimation flags for the 16th Asian Games and the 26th Summer World University Games . Our ink quality obtain the approval of GAGOC. I have confident that you will satisfy with our ink products.seeing is believing ,just try.


      Sample is available.