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      NOVA 750 DYE INK (1000ML)
      Model: NOVA
      Brands: VIVID
      Color: C M Y K
      Category: NOVA 750 DYE INK
      Specification: 1000ml/Bottle
      Weight: 23KG/CARTON
      | Product Description


      ENCAD SC-750 Ink is using imported raw materials,will not clog the print head, is OEM ink for SC series printers.

      ENCAD Novajet Ink SC-750

      ENCAD SC-750 Ink is using imported raw materials,will not clog the print head, is OEM ink for SC series printers.

      We know that the foam thermal printing machine design is characterized by: colorful and imaginative exaggeration, especially in light print on the performance of the film. Even some color cannot be instead of, like Coke red, flag red, Navy, KODAK yellow color and other professionals. This is the color of ink on a higher demand, we will choose the higher purity and lower salinity raw material, so that our Nova Jet Ink's color is more pure, more colorful and imaginative interpretation of the exaggerated features.

      The foam thermal print head is expendable, can print more ml or not, such considerations become an important factor in the quality of the ink. Through the print head of this study found that high temperatures will again head the heat scale crystal, the crystal after scaling will reduce the sensitivity to reduce the amount of foam, will be printed in the process of spraying air break. The purity of raw materials and effective cleaning can effectively curb the scale of our unique production technology and strict choosing material steps to substantially increase the life of the print head.

      With these machines in China so that more people have such a machine, has become an unprecedented fierce competition. Price has become a topic must be mentioned, we have to improve the production capacity of large-scale production, and to promote the economic production, under the premise of without lowering the quality of the product to be lower production costs as much as possible, to provide customers with a cost-effective products. Through our efforts, the customers from anywhere give a high degree of recognition to this product.


      The scope of application

      The production of screen advertising, window display, light box advertising, art reproduction, photo studio background, the light output, such as subway ads and so on.